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Vignobles Jade

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Vignobles Jade

In 2015 Patrick Teycheney leaves the management of the Colisée group and returns to his first love: the wine of Bordeaux.
In the same year, his daughter Caroline left the luxury industry and followed him into the new project.
The family acquires two properties under the name Saint-Emilion Grand Cru: Château Fleur de Lisse and Château L’Etampe, in addition to the historic family property, Château La Loubière in Montussan.
In 2018, Vignobles Jade expands by acquiring an organic production property of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

After the acquisition of land and technical buildings in Saint-Hippolyte, Caroline and Patrick Teycheney embark on an ambitious project: on the one hand, modernizing production tools to perfectly adapt technical capabilities to soils and, on the other hand, renovating a quality building combining tradition and modernity.

In order to share their passion for wine and welcome wine lovers, they imagine spaces dedicated to tasting and a cozy shop, in the American style.
The cellars of Château Fleur de Lisse bring together the productions of the different lands of Saint-Emilion and become the emblem of Vignobles Jade.

The renovation process was undertaken by respecting the architectural elements with the will to harmonize the existing buildings.
The biggest investment is dedicated to the technical part, without neglecting the aesthetic component, with high-quality and resistant materials, suitable for every function.
The winery, which received its first harvest in September 2020, was officially opened in November 2021.


Matteo Selleri


Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux, France

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