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Château de Fargues

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Château de Fargues

Château de Fargues is a unique wine estate located in the prestigious “Sauternes” appellation producing a world famous sweet white wine.

The Sauternes produced by Château de Fargues is the result of outstanding gifts of nature and the motivation – one might even say the stubbornness – of a family – the Lur Saluces’s family devoted to ne wine, and an attentive, enthusiastic winemaking team.

This mysterious alchemy and an extraordinary combination of factors accounts for the rare and precious Sauternes made by Château de Fargues – an invitation to an uncommon pleasure, a delicious taste experience, a special moment to share, and a time to celebrate…



Pier Luca Freschi


Fargues, France


Pomerol, France

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