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Historic Italian company producing wine making machinery



For more than 70 years, Defranceschi-Sacmi has been leader in innovation in the winemaking field, mixing art and passion with solid knowledge and skills.

The wineries have always been an exciting challenge for the designers: its strong link with the territory is evident, but it is difficult to portray. Wine itself, result of the work and passion of those who makes it, it’s the essence of taste, tradition and territory; a journey beyond the purely technological aspects, but through the senses and emotions, exalted by a design faithful to the unique identity of each cellar.

In the research of perfection, our ArCHAItecture division (from architecture and “chai”, French word to say winery) offers prestigious and complete solutions, cooperating only with the best international architects specialized in the world of wine.

Each project it’s custom-made in order to truly embody the soul of every cellar.

Vibrating reception hopper, Overturn and washing boxes, Belt sorting table, Conveyor belt, Vibrant sorting table, Grapes distribution table roll-feeder, Optical-sorting.

Complete lines of high-performance machinery for bottling, labelling and packaging with top quality results.

High performance presses suitable for all grape varieties with top quality results. Open and closed drum version.

Thanks to our dealer network and the collaboration with authorized technicians, we can guarantee a highly reliable and professional after-sales service.

High performance standard tanks for vinification and storage of all types of wine.

Supervision program designed for cellars oriented toward industry 4.0

Presses installed
Wineries equipped with our tanks
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Defranceschi was founded
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Francesco Defranceschi, winemaker by passion and family tradition, from a young age in the secrets of wine, begins working in the family’s wineries and vineyards.
Defranceschi always seeks a scientific approach to oenological problems and soon understands the advantages derived from the use of stainless steel. In the 1960s he begins to put on the market its products built with this material.


His sons engineers Ivo and Bruno Defranceschi carry on the company with pride and determination.


Begins the construction of pneumatic presses with membrane.

In Imola, near Bologna, a research and development unit for machines for the wine and beverage industry is born.


  • In Santiago is founded “Defranceschi Chile Ltda”, company that builds and sells Defranceschi products in Latin America.
  • Defranceschi Group takes over the oenological sector of the well-known German company AMOS g.m.b.h. in Heilbronn, a world-renowned producer of wine machinery.
  • Defranceschi South Africa is founded to further strengthen the worldwide distribution of its production.


SACMI Group acquires Defranceschi. The range of products is extended, from the reception of grapes to bottling.

Defranceschi-Sacmi offers consulting and supply of technologically innovative and complete systems.

The Architecture division is developed, in order to design Turnkey Cellar and Design Tanks


Today, with more than 2.000 presses installed, more than 5.000 cellars equiped with our tanks, Defranceschi-Sacmi has a widespread presence in all markets/ wine producing countries.

Defranceschi together with SACMI offers an integrated service for a complete Cellar.
In addition to the range of historic products, the company completes the service with the products of the SACMI group dedicated to the world of wine (BIB labeller).

Defranceschi, not satisfied to bring stainless steel to the wine market in the 1960s, introduced the winery as a communication object as the next step. The winery becomes a place of history that is told through the ARCHITECTURE applied to the material.

The new generation of Defranceschi-Sacmi products does not seek beauty, but uses it as an element of communication. Highly technological products with the collateral damage of aesthetics.

This is the new goal that Defranceschi is committed to bringing to its customers.

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