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Born in Refrontolo, in the heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, Astoria Vini is one of the best known names on the world scene.
Astoria, in fact, succeeds in positively combining the best oenological traditions with the strength of modernity, both in technologies and in the creation of wines capable of finding the approval of sommeliers and the general public.
Visitors can capture this double soul by visiting the new futuristic winery.
For Astoria, Defranceschi-SACMI, in collaboration with the architect Matteo Selleri, has created three tanks of 450 hl, fully insulated, which makes the temperature fully adjustable and perfectly homogeneous. They are located in the company’s winery, a technological joy of 10 million euros capable of winemaking more than 70,000 quintals of grapes a year.

The impact is of great scenographic effect, thanks to the shapes and colors that recall the characteristic shape of the iconic bottles of the brand “Astor”.


Matteo Selleri


Susegana, Veneto, Italy

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