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Bi-material cylindrical design storage 90HL tank

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Bi-material cylindrical design storage 90HL tank

Bi-material cylindrical tank – composed of a concrete “shell” and a blue pigmented stainless steel tank.

Condition: new

Capacity: 90HL

Quantity: 1

Dimensions: diam. 2.000 mm – concrete base height 500 mm – overall height 3.900 mm approx.

Material: The part of the tank in contact with the product is made of AISI 316 stainless steel, the rest is made of AISI 304. The front of the tank is made of blue pigmented steel. The external covering is a concrete casket in which the stainless steel “bottle” is set.

Shape of the tank: 4% inclined flat bottom, off-center conical lid. Welding system: TIG, under Argon protection.

Surface finishing: Raw concrete external casket.
Internal surface of the “bottle”: mirror polished; claned and brushed welding seams.
External surface of the “bottle”: architectural coating in pigmented stainless steel in the central part. Mirror polished cap and manhole, all the rest 2B. Cleaned and brushed welding seams.


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