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Domaine Auvigue

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Domaine Auvigue

Defranceschi-SACMI storage tanks at Domaine Auvigue enhance the charm of an already magical place for its landscape: Maison Auvigue is located opposite the majestic Roche de Solutré, a limestone escarpment classified as the “Great Place of France”.

In this place viticulture was already practiced since ancient Roman times and was then kept alive in the Middle Ages by Cluniac monks. This Terroir of Chardonnay still produces internationally renowned wines:

  • Mâcon – Solutré (Mâcon – Villages);
  • Saint – Véran;
  • Pouilly – Fuissé.

With a long and rich history as a producer and winemaker, the property of Domaine Auvigue creates excellent Mâcon white wines. These are a communion of freshness and minerality but also of complete bewilderment: complex and subtle, which take you far and take you back with your feet on the earth.

The story began in 1946, under the impetus of a bold epicurean, the charismatic Francis Auvigue.

Generations have followed his path and the passion has remained intact over the years.

In 2016 Sylvain Brenas-Auvigue, great-grandson of the founder, took over the Maison.

Sylvain knows every parcel of soil by heart: he follows its evolution and supports the transformation of its grapes.

Nowadays, the grapes come from family estates that cover 8 hectares, including 2 that have been organically grown for more than 20 years in the denominations Mâcon-Solutré and Pouilly-Fuissé.

Defranceschi – SACMI developed a series of cylindrical storage tanks of different capacities with pigmented cold pockets.



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