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Defranceschi Lees Maturation Tank patent


Lees Maturation Tank – Defranceschi patent


Defranceschi-SACMI Lees Maturation Tank is a technology that allows to reuse selected native and / or commercial yeasts, resulting from alcoholic fermentation, in order to obtain (through autolysis) by-products rich in organoleptic and physical features (mannoproteins) that are useful to modify the composition and improve the quality of white and rosé wines. Traditionally, when these wines undergo fermentation in wooden barrels, during the aging phase, the wine is kept in contact with fine fermentation lees to give it volume and sweetness and preserve it from oxidation.

In terms of sustainability, the Defranceschi-SACMI Lees Maturation Tank allows wineries to contribute to the circular economy, by converting fermentation by-products into truly valuable resources for the production process and reducing production waste.

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