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For the Group, the great opportunity to promote its complete range of offerings for the wine sector. The new generation of Defranceschi membrane presses will be on display, alongside the increasingly established KUBE labellers and quality control solutions.


For the first time in its history, Simei, the International Exhibition of Machines for Oenology and Bottling, moves to Munich, where it will take place, from 11 to 15 September 2017, simultaneously with Drinktec. A challenge for Sacmi, with an even more international flavour, to present its complete technological and plant engineering offer for the wine sector(HALL C3.209).

The offer includes the series of closed and open membrane presses, the jewel of the “new” Defranceschi – the historic Italian producer of wine solutions – acquired by Sacmi last year. The presses of the new JP series (exhibited at Simei 2017 is the JP 50 Defranceschi model) are characterized by an innovative motorization that allows a totally ultra-clean process management, together with zero maintenance needs.

“We have accepted this important challenge – explains Vezio Bernardi, general manager of Sacmi Beverage – by choosing to host at the same time two strategic events for our business, a world-class trade fair such as Drinktec, to which we will exhibit our complete lines for caps, preforms, bottles and labelling, and alongside the Simei, in this more international capacity than ever, an important opportunity to present the new generation of membrane presses Defranceschi, excellent in technology and avant-garde in design. All within the framework of a complete and integrated offer for the wine sector that fully includes Sacmi solutions for labelling, quality control and Bag In Box filling systems, recognized and appreciated all over the world”.

In particular, alongside the Defranceschi press, an example of the newKUBE range, the labeller produced in Sacmi Verona that in just three years has won over a hundred references worldwide, including the most prestigious Italian and international wineries. The KUBE exhibited at the fair – a rotary machine of the latest generation – is equipped with various docking stations and can handle, in this version equipped with ano-stop system for the change of the coil, up to 12 thousand self-adhesive applications per hour on wine bottles. Downstream of the new KUBE, Sacmi is exhibiting LABEL-CHECK360, the new vision system for quality control of labelling designed by Sacmi for the wine market.

Able to inspect in line every detail of the label (presence, centering, but also small wrinkles or tears, slight color distortions, barcode reading, etc.) the Sacmi vision system uses high resolution acquisition devices (cameras up to 5 MP) and SACMI CVS 3000 2.2 64 bit inspection software capable of processing and returning in real time valuable information on the operation of the labeller and the entire production line. The LABEL-CHECK360 automatic vision system designed by Sacmi applies the innovative 3D technology that allows the perfect reconstruction and perimeter analysis of containers and bottles not oriented and having any shape. Thanks to the acquisition devices and the latest generation of software, the 3D image is returned in 2D eliminating any potential optical and/or prospective distortive effect.

An offer that is completed with the Bag In Boxthat recently won the trust of two of the US companies in the top ten in the industry, confirming the high reliability, versatility, superior quality of this range of solutions (LINEAR ultra-clean) ideal for the export of large quantities of wine at competitive costs and with absolute guarantee on the organoleptic quality of the product. It is thanks to this set of complete and integrated technological solutions for each phase of the process that, explains Vezio Bernardi, Defranceschi can present itself at Simei 2017 “with an important critical mass in terms of both positioning and market prospects”. That of Munich, will be in fact also the opportunity “to pursue with even greater determination the goal that we set ourselves in 2016, the year of the acquisition of Defranceschi: to offer our customers a project of ‘turnkey’ winery, cutting-edge intechnology but also in design. For this reason we rely on the ability to be an ideal partner to provide complete solutions from vineyard to bottle and propose realizations with world-famousarchistar to build a winery which must be today: not only a place where quality wine is produced but also an experience, a history, an identity that is built above all through beauty and attention to detail”.

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