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Cuadrat Valley

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Cuadrat Valley

DefranceschiSACMI designed two-material olive green storage tanks for Cuadrat Valley oil mill in Lerida, Spain.

Cuadrat Valley is located in the province of Lerida, Spain, 120 km west of Barcelona.

It covers 90 hectares of land, 62 of which are dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees.

The hilly landscape, typical of the Garrigues Catalanes, rises to 470 meters. It is an ideal elevation for olive trees. It has been cultivated for generations using a system of terraces, with dry stone walls that retain water and reduce erosion and maintain fertility.

From here we get “arbequina” olive which is small and round.

It produces one of the best oils in the world, guaranteed by the PDO.

Defranceschi-SACMI has created for the mil a series of two-material storage tanks (concrete and green pigmented stainless steel) which ensure optimal conservation conditions with freshness, absence of oxygen and light.

Defranceschi, together with the property, has chosen for its tanks a color that could recall the one of olive oil.


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Lerida, Spain

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