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Vincent Girardin

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Vincent Girardin

Vincent Girardin, was born with a passion for wine.

The history of Maison Vincent Girardin is relatively recent. In 1980, at the age of 19, Vincent Girardin, the son of a family of winegrowers based in Santenay since the 17th century, decided to go his own way, and began producing wine from two hectares of vines that he had inherited from his parents.

From his earliest youth Vincent had a passion for working with vines, and great respect for the potential that they represent; his ambition was to produce his own wine.

The quality of his wines was quickly recognized by specialists from all over the world, and this enabled him to expand his activity, focusing primarily on the great white and red wines of the Côte de Beaune.

A collection of Burgundy wines by Vincent Girardin with the same standard of excellence.

In 2012 Vincent Girardin sold his operation to a long-standing partner of the Maison. Mr. Nié, President of the Compagnie des Vins d’Autrefois in Beaune, naturally decided to continue with the small team of 9 people, who had worked for the Maison for many years.


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Bourgogne, France

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