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Château Montlabert

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Château Montlabert

At Montlabert, precision is part of our philosophy. Along with the vines we nurture an eye for detail, seen in the meticulous care we take with every aspect of our work. And we positively encourage questioning – it strengthens the courage of our convictions, enabling us to move con dently towards the future. We are not only driven by our love for the vine, but also by our passion for taste and terroir. Sharing our passion with those who strive to promote this legacy is not merely an aspiration; it is a matter of course. Castel Estates and Vineyards is an adventure built on diversity. The properties are diverse, as are the characters that work in them – and the skills we need to support them. We employ consultant oenologists to work alongside our managers, and call on their expertise to help enhance our wines. By surrounding ourselves with experts, we remind ourselves of our own humble position in this great world of vine and wine. And because our work takes time, our partnerships are sustained in the long term, vintage after vintage.


Olivier Chadebost


Saint Emilion, Francia

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