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Pegasus Distillerie

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Pegasus Distillerie

Pegasus Distillery was founded in 2020 in the prestigious wine region of Meursault, with the aim of producing excellent quality spirits.

Its production is inspired by the flavors and botanicals from the most beautiful regions of France and Switzerland. The diversity of terroirs provides unique aromas to their Gin thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean climate.

For the Pegasus Distillery, DefranceschiSACMI has designed the following rooms:

  • « Chai Matières Premières » literally the raw materials’ cellar;
  • « Distillerie » the distillery hall.

For each room we designed tanks dedicated to the production processes. Interesting is the use of materials combined with each other: concrete and pigmented stainless steel, expertly combined with the colors of the company brand. The stainless steel logo completes the style of the tank.

Once again, DefranceschiSACMI is keeping up with the trends of the design cellars market.


Mersault, Francia

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