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Palazzo di Varignana

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Palazzo di Varignana

Defranceschi-SACMI designed its pigmented multi-cell tanks for Palazzo di Varignana winery, a resort in the hills of Bologna.

Palazzo di Varignana is a story about recovery and regeneration: of historic buildings, abandoned land and rural houses, of ancient crops that had been lost.

Founded in 2015, the agricultural company today covers over 300 hectares of land. Thanks to the restoration of the ancient varieties of native olive trees, extended for over 150 hectares, they produce one of the most awarded and recognized Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In addition to the olive groves there are 42 hectares of vineyards, three thousand meters of vegetable garden, a large orchard and a very original and rare production of saffron.

The wine project is also taking shape, thanks to the opening of the new cellar: 1,100 square meters of spaces in which Defranceschi has installed many of its tanks.

These include the pigmented four-cell and five-cell tanks, patented by Defranceschi.

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